Getting Pregnant

Becoming pregnant is a great stage in a woman’s life. For this crucial stage you must be well-prepared so that you can enjoy this period. To become pregnant you should be well-aware of the basic facts of “how to get pregnant.”  Now, you may say that it’s very simple to answer this particular question. But hold on! It’s not as simple as it sounds. To get pregnant you have to be aware of the following factors that contribute to pregnancy.

Ovulation cycle & becoming pregnant
The ovulation cycle is the most important cycle in a woman’s life. For becoming pregnant one should know when the ovulation cycle starts and end. Fertilization takes place halfway through the cycle when the egg is on its way to the uterus.

Sperm contribution & pregnancy
A man produces sperm throughout his life, but the life span of sperm is very short. It lasts for a month within the testicle and for 2-4 days in the uterine cavity.

The fertilization process & pregnancy
After ejaculation not all the sperms reach the right place in the uterus. Even if some of them reach the right location, only one sperm will enter into the egg. As soon as it enters into the egg, it will lose its tail and the size of its head will increase. Consequently, the egg will also increase in size. Finally, the sperm and the egg fuse.

Sex determination of the child
An individual is made of 23 chromosomes. Out of these 23 chromosomes, 22 are the same while 1 is differentiated into X and Y.  This is called the sex chromosome. This sex chromosome determines the gender of the child. While the egg carries only X chromosomes; the sperm may contain either X or Y. So the sex of the child is totally dependent on the male partner. While the combination of XX creates a girl child, XY creates a boy child. Moreover, the time of intercourse can also determine the sex of the child. For instance, intercourse before ovulation gives a higher chance for the birth of a girl child, but intercourse at the time of ovulation increases the likelihood of a boy. This statement is based on the fact that the Y chromosome is quick but less hearty and the X chromosome is slow but stronger.

Maintain your weight
Maintaining a proper weight is really needed to get pregnant. You have to really take care of your weight during pregnancy.  Being underweight would lead to malnutrition in the child and being overweight could lead to diabetes and other related problems during pregnancy. Excessive weight gain can also lead to obesity problems once the child has been born.

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