Choosing a Hospital for Delivery

When getting ready for the birth of a baby, numerous factors need to be considered and weighed carefully. One of them is a good hospital which ensures a safe and hygienic delivery of your baby. Some mothers chose traditional hospitals while others chose birthing centers that use the guidance of a midwife. They are quite different from each other.

A few things to consider are as follows:

What medical services are provided at the hospital or birthing center?
Most hospitals have labor and delivery wards, but some specialize in delivering babies. The best hospitals for delivering a baby will have Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU’s) that specialize in helping babies with health challenges and premature babies. The hospital should also be able to do a cesarean if the baby is having problems being delivered vaginally. To some women with healthy pregnancies, this is not a concern, however, and they do not like all of the medical intervention. Those women may prefer the peace and calm of a birthing center where the birth happens more naturally, with less medical intervention. Nonetheless, the birthing center should be accredited as safe and hygienic as well as be located near a hospital in case things do not go as planned and medical intervention is needed.

How far is the hospital?
Distance matters when you need to visit your doctor for check-ups as well as if you are rushing to the hospital for delivery. If your doctor practices at the actual hospital and not a separate office, it is better to choose a hospital which is close to your home. You do not want to be sitting in traffic while in labor either.

What are the room’s accommodations?
What are the different types of rooms available at the hospital? For example, will it be private or semi-private? What are the accommodations for your spouse? Will your recovery be in the same room as the birth? How does the room look? Is it updated with new amenities? Some look more welcoming than others. You should visit a couple hospitals to see which you like best. You will be staying there for a couple nights at least, so you want to make sure it is to your liking.

During delivery
The birth of a baby is emotional and a moment which needs to be momentous. Hence very close relatives like to be present at the time of the delivery. So, it becomes important to know the hospital’s policies regarding such matters. For example, does the hospital allow multiple people to be present at birth? Some doctors find this distracting, so make sure you speak with your doctor as well.

Follow-up care
After the delivery, what are the services which the hospital offers for both mother and baby. Will pain medications be available if mother needs them? Does the hospital circumcise baby boys if that is what the parents prefer? Speak with your doctor to discuss the post-delivery plans.

Taking all of this into consideration can ensure a smooth delivery and overall good experience for mom and baby.

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